407. a bewitching Baku Caucasian rug

Antique Baku Caucasian Rug

407. Provenance: Amer Adshan village, Baku, The Caucasus

Size: 153 x 109 cm

Age: Circa 1910

Condition: Overall low pile with some areas of wear. Secured losses to sides, some damage on one corner.

Notes:  This antique Baku has great mellow tones in dark indigo and beige-brown, a tonality that Orendi in 'Das Gesamtwissen uber antike und neue Teppiche des Orients' ascribes to the village of Amer Adshan. The four touching serrated diamond medallions each contain cruciform 'ram-horn' motifs, and the surrounding field contains an array of 'Soloman's stars', 's-motifs', and bizarre scorpian-like forms. Despite the wear, this rug is emminently collectable.

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