324. An illustrious Antique Kazak Caucasian.

Antique Kazak Caucasian Rug

324. Provenance: Kazak, Southern Caucasus

Size: 250 x 124 cm

Age: Circa 1920

Condition: Largely good, but with some wear to the sides of field (see pic closely).

Notes: A fantastic, clear, and well-spaced design - not too cluttered and displaying the artistic individuality Caucasian tribal women weavers are famous for. The wool is glossy and the pile medium-long. The natural green, blue and brown are wonderful, the synthetic orange and red highlights less so (fortunately they are also more sparingly used). Interestingly this rug uses a mixture of double and triple wefting between the rows of nots. The wefts themselves are in pale pink cotton, while the warps are of wool. Caucasian tribals are amongst the most sought after rugs in the world.

Price: $1695