557. a delectable antique Karachov Kazak Caucasian rug

Antique Kazak Caucasian Rug

557. Provenance: Karachov, Kazak area, Armenia/Azerbaijan, The Caucasus

Age: Circa 1920

Size: 240 x 130 cm

Condition: Good even short-cropped pile. However, there is a tear which has been repaired and secured, and there are losses to the ends, fully and professionally secured. Sides have been tidied. Serveral small reweaves.

Notes: Wonderful, bright colours in this piece, with a fantastic abrush (natural colour variation) through the vibrant indigo field. Strong and varied shades of madder brown, and a fun (analine) lilac in the central polygon medallion. A wealth of tribal motifs, flowerheads, stars and animals (2-headed mammals? birds) surround the medallions. All wool construction and fine weave. What's not to love?