425. An entrancing anitque Kazak Caucasian

Antique Kazak Caucasian Rug

425. Provenance: Kazak, The Caucasus

Size: 140 x 95 cm

Age: Circa 1910

Condition: Very good.

Notes:  Caucasian rugs of the 19th century, and even early 20th century, are held in higher regard than earlier Caucasians - a bizarre 'reverse-evolution' syndrome. Earlier rugs were more elaborate and fussy, but with the spread of a more orthodox Islam throughout the region, designs became progressively more abstract, simplified and imaginative (partly because the representation of human or animal forms was 'counter-Islamic'). Furthermore, Persian princely influence in the area waned, and with a general decline in wealthy city buyers, Caucasian weavers returned to their tribal roots and wove for their own use, rather than for sale. This Kazak has a well-spaced, uncluttered layout and all natural colours.

Price: $975