979. a whimsical Caucasian animal rug

Old Caucasian village/tribal rug

979. Provenance: The Caucasus (Georgia/Armenia/Azerbaijan)

Age: Circa 1950

Size: 188 x 120 cm

Condition: Very good.

Notes: A highly unusual rug with a whimsical charm all of its own. This is a well-made Caucasian tribal rug, but was clearly made with the European (probably Russian) market in mind. It's certainly the only rug I've seen with spaniels on, and I love spaniels so much I have one of my own! The colours are a tad garish (love that pink!) but it's actually a very well made rug with a flexible, tactile handle, and oily highland wool. This would look fantastic in a gypsy caravan, or if you haven't got one, or don't feel like making that investment, a child's room would suffice!


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