531.an exquisite antique Chondzoresk Karabagh Caucasian

Antique Chondzoresk Karabagh Caucasian Rug

531. Provenance: Chondzoresk (or Khondzoresk), Karabagh, Southern Azerbaijan, The Caucasus

Size: 290 x 120 cm

Age: Circa 1890

Condition: Pretty good for high age. Some areas of wear.

Notes: A stunning collectable 19th century Caucasian rug, exemplifying the high graphic aesthetics of these tribal weavers. Here are three pomminent medallions, each featuring the typical Chondzoresk motifs, similar to  'cloudbands'. This rug is somewhat larger than is typical of Chondzoresk which tend to be the smallest of the Karabaghs. Typically, this piece is not finely woven but its power and draw lie in its stark visuals and dramatic, naive drawing, as well as its superb natural colours, including the vivid madder red and various shades of indigo, including a beautiful turquoise.


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