674. a glorious antique Lori Pambak Caucasian rug

Antique Lori Pambak Kazak Caucasian rug

674. Provenance: Lori Pambak, Kazak region, Armenia, The Caucasus

Size: 200 x 140 cm

Age: Circa 1880

Condition: Good for age, with overall low pile, and some damage to sides.

Notes: Lori Pambak, a mountainous region of Armenia, bordering Georgia, is 97% Aremenian and is famous for this three (usually) medallion design, usually on a vivid, almost agressive red field. This is a pretty typical, and lovely example, executed in excellent, soft moutain wool and natural dyes - particularly notable is the stunning turquoise/green. The medallions are surrounded by an array of tribal detail, including a fantastic human figure seemingly standing on the back of a horse (?). Very collectible. Prices of such pieces are sure to rise steadily (and perhaps more than steadily) over time.