714. An attention-grabbing Lenkoran Caucasian rug

Antique Lenkoran Caucasian Rug

714. Provenance: Lenkoran, Southern Caucasus.

Age: Circa 1890

Size: 250 x 110 cm

Condition: Fair for age, but overall low pile and some wear.

Notes: Lenkoran was once the capital of the khanate of Talish, and lies in the southern Caucasus, on the Caspian Sea. This piece features two major Lenkoran medallions, which may be large geometricized calyx or derived from ealier dragon motifs. These medallions may have either four arms or two - in this instance, there is one of each type - and they have about them the look of insects or perhaps scorpions. Surrounding them are minor octagonal medallions, and a wealth of stylized flowerheads and tribal motifs, as well as a pair of vigorously waving humans and a couple of goats. Pure and authentic tribal rug, which but for the condition would be much more costly. The pale indigo blue ground is stunning. All hand-spun wool construction.