651. a truly tribal antique Chondzoresk Caucasian rug

Antique Chondzoresk Karabagh Caucasian Rug

651. Provenance: Chondzoresk, Karabagh, Armenia/Georgia borders, The Caucasus

Size: 370 x 100 cm

Age: Circa 1900

Condition: Fairly good, with age-commensurate wear, losses at one end.

Notes:  Karabagh is the most southerly of the Caucasian provinces, lying just to the north of the present Iranian border. The village of Chondzoresk specialized in this design commonly known as the 'cloudband Kazak' from from the last quarter of the 19th century into the 20th, but little is known about where the design came from. As with many highly-prized Caucasian rugs, there seems to be no clearly identifiable antecedents. All natural dyes. Highly collectable.


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