45. A fabulous Antique Tribal 'Eaglestar' or 'Sunburst' Kazak

Antique Tribal Kazak Chelaberd Eaglestar or Sunburst Caucasus

45. Provenance: Karabagh Chelaberd, ‘Eagle Star’ or ‘sunburst Kazak’, South Caucasus

Age: Circa 1880

Size: 220 x 122cm

Condition: On the whole it is in exceptionally good condition. However it has been reduced and rejoined (expertly). Thus, part of the rug is missing. If this wasn’t the case this rug would be much more expensive than it is.

Notes: These are one of the pinnacles of tribal rug weaving and are highly prized by collectors. Caucasian rugs from the late 19th century in general are considered to be amongst the finest anywhere in terms of colours and heraldic simplicity of design. Interestingly older (‘dragon’) rugs from the Caucasus are not thought of so highly, as they were more fussy and cluttered. This design is commonly known as the ‘sunburst’, ‘star’ or ‘eagle’ pattern, and is thought to have derived from the older dragon rugs. Materials: All wool construction, with excellent soft wool.

Price: $2450