575. a jubilant antique Karabagh Caucasian kilim

Antique Karabagh Caucasian Kilim

575. Provenance: Karabagh, Azerbaijan, The Caucasus

Size: 300 x 230cm

Age: Circa 1900

Condition: Very good for age. Repaired tassles at end.

Notes: The so called 'cabbage rose' design, not typical of Caucasian tribal weaving. This piece was probably woven around the turn of the century, most likely by Armenian weavers. The Tsarist imprialists of the late 19th century had pushed many of the indiginous tribal Muslims of the Caucasus from their land and in their place many Armenian christians had come. The prevailing tastes in Peter the Great's Russian cities of St. Petersburg, Moscow and elsewhere leaned heavily towards the courtly French style, and in rugs this meant emmulating the Aubusson carpet designs, featuring large and ornate sprays of pastel roses. This 'gul farangi' (foreign medallion) was used widely in parts of the Caucasus and Persia. A striking example of this historical crossover, against a typically dark ground. People tend to either love or hate these pieces!

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