528. a startling antique Chajli Caucasian rug

Antique Chajli Moghan Shirvan Caucasian rug

528. Provenance: Chajli, Moghan or Shirvan, Azerbaijan, The Caucasus

Size: 260 x 130 cm

Age: Circa 1890 to 1900

Condition: Good.

Notes: Wonderful colouring, including various shades of indigo, on this splendid tribal Caucasian. Four dramatic medallions, each with hooked 'legs',  surrounded by a wealth of tribal motifs and stylized flowerheads. Woven on a woolen foundation, this piece exudes the naive tribal charm for which Caucasian pieces are rightly famed. Chajli rugs are either catagorised in the Moghan or Shirvan (depending on author) orbit.