761. a bewildering antique Caucasian rug in Tekke design

Antique Kazak Caucasian Rug in Tekke design

761. Provenance: Kazak area, The Caucasus (Armenia/Georgia/Azerbaijan borders).

Age: Circa 1890

Size: 245 x 173 cm

Condition: Good for age. Very minor foldwear/repairs.

Notes: A stunning and highly unusual tribal rug. Although this is almost certainly Caucasian in origin (most probably Kazak area), it borrows heavily from the Tekke Turkomans of Central Asia, far to the east, showing the fluidity of cultural and artistic traditions and devices. This interchange of ideas and customs is one of the factors that make tribal oriental rugs so fascinating. Here, the Tekke guls (medallions) loose their rather formal solemnity of their Turkoman roots, and become colourful and full of life. The interplay of light and dark indigo, and turquoise is especially pleasing. It also bears some similarity with Uzbek weavings, particularly in it's use of yellow and light rose. A stunning rug of high historical interest and collectibility.


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