569. an inestimable antique Moghan Caucasian rug

Antique Moghan Karabagh/Talish Caucasian rug

 569.  Provenance: Mog han, Karabagh/Talish region, Azerbaijan

Age: Circa 1890

Size: 235 x 130 cm

Condition: Very good for age, with just areas of minor wear/lower pile/small re-weaves.

Notes: One of only several designs from Moghan, an hilly area of true nomads, west of Talish. The repeated octigons are known as the 'Memlinc' guls, afer the 15th century German/Flemish painter, Hans Memlinc, who featured rugs with such a design in several of his portraits. This rug is densely knotted and (unlike some rugs from the area) is made on an all-wool foundation indicating true tribal origins. Rusty madder reds, chalky whites, dark and mid-tone indigos - typical of the area. Collectable.


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