903. an intoxicating antique Fachralo Kazak Armenian tribal rug

Antique Fachralo Kazak Armenian Caucasian tribal rug

903. Provenance: Fachralo, Kazak, northern Armenia, The Caucasus

Size: 167 x 120 cm

Age: Circa 1910-20

Condition: Very good for age. Minor loss at one end, fully secured.

Notes: An artistically dramatic tribal Caucasian piece, with a striking turquoise rectangular central medallion in a field of burnt amber. The use of various shades of indigo add to the visual vibrancy of the work. Lovely oily wool, medium pile and a course open weave, using the Turkish knot. Despite the weave count, a wondeful crispness of visage has been achieved. Breathtaking. 


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