830. an harmonious old Qashqa'i or Abedeh Persian rug

Old to antique Qashqa'i or Abedeh Persian tribal rug

825. Provenance: Qum (Ghum or Ghom), central Persia

Size: 250 x 160 cm

Age: Circa 1930

Condition: Very good. One end has lost its original kilim (not unusual) and has been stiched and secured.

Notes: A finely-woven and intensely detailed tribal rug, either woven by the nomadic Qashqa'i tribes of Fars Province, or in the town of Abedeh by sedentary weavers, to sell to these tribes (ie. in their style and taste). Either way, this is a stunning piece with a wealth of design motifs, and most notably, an extensive use of a more tribally-inspired version of the famous 'Herati' motif (fish? curved leaves?). Beautiful dyes.