60. Stunning Senneh Antique Persian Rug

Senneh Persian Village Antique Rug hand-spun wool natural dyes

60. Provenance: Senneh, Kurdish, W. Persia. ref: Aschenbrenner, p112, Sakhai, p324

Size: 156 x 110cm

Age: Circa 1920

Condition: Excellent. Very minor lower pile in certain spots. New selvedges.

Design: A Senneh version of the ‘Gul Farang’ or ‘foreign gul’ based on the 18th century French Aubussons. Information flow was two-way!

Colour: Strong, vibrant natural colours and clear lines.

Materials & weave: Low clipped wool pile on cotton. Tight, even weave. Sennehs are among the best of Persian rugs.

Price: $775