436. a spell-binding antique Sarouk-Mahal rug

Antique Sarouk Mahal Persian Rug

436. Provenance: Sarouk-Mahal, Arak region, Northwest Persia

Size: 213 x 129 cm

Age: Circa 1920

Condition: Very good. Very minor loss at one end.

Notes: Just the rug for the fireplace of an English country cottage, so why not try it in a Naivasha or Nanyuki one? This is an exemplary version of the type. Flowing and soothing in design and exectution, detailed but not fussy, and in fabulous harmonious natural dyes. Especially notable is the pale turquoise of the central medallion (also used in leaves) and the natural saffron/indigo green in the spandrels and elsewhere.

Price: $1150