825. a decorous old Qum Persian carpet

Old Qum or Ghom Persian carpet

825. Provenance: Qum (Ghum or Ghom), central Persia

Size: 250 x 160 cm

Age: Circa 1950

Condition: Very good.

Notes: A beautiful Qum rug, dating from around the 30s, (there aren't any really old ones as they only started a weaving industry here in the 1920s). It features a quite beautiful and well-drawn and verdant 'tree of life' scene, abounding with wildlife of all sorts - notably doves, dear and wild cats (leopards?). The colours are subtle and harmonious lending this piece an almost opulent sophistication. The shades of indigo are particularly beautiful. As with many Qums it is structurally well made and pretty finely knotted.