858. a precocious old Hamadan northwest Persian rug

Old Hamadan (?) northwest Persian rug

858. Provenance: Hamadan (?), or other northwestern Persian village rug

Size: 200 x 150 cm

Age: circa 1940

Condition: Good with minor low pile. Some areas of minor wear. Minor loss at end, fully secured. 

Notes: The Beshir sub-tribe of the Ersari, are the only Turkoman weavers who have retained clear representations of flowers in their weavings. All other Turkoman (Turkmen) tribes have formalised the flowerheads to such a rigid, sternly geometric degree, that these 'guls' no longer appear to by flowers at all, but rather heraldic, almost sheild-like motifs. Nowadays one might say that the Beshir were more 'in touch with their feminine sides' (though of course since the weavers are all female, this would have to be said lightly and speaking only as the tribe as a whole!). The madder-root-rich colouring delivers great warmth, and the use of a large amount of yellow (onion skin or the flower sparak, similar to ragwort?) is typical of the Beshir. A stunning and collectible old storage bag.


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