286b. One of an awesome pair of antique Isphahans

Antique Persian Isphahan one of pair

286b. Provenance: Isphahan, Central Persia

Age: Circa 1920

Size: 204 x 145 cm

Condition: Good for age. Low, even pile. Minor loss at ends, professionally secured. Probably 'antique-washed' to subdue all colours to match Fuschine (see below).

Notes: This is a beautiful rug from one of the most famous Persian cities, Isphahan. It shows a marked colour difference from the back to the front. It was dyed in part with the analine dye Fuschine, which was a purplish pink colour. This dye was introduced in the nineteenth century but was found to fade rapidly and was thus banned (around 1870 I believe). This dates the rug to late 19th century, though of course it's use could have continued beyond the ban. I actually love the muted shades it has rendered on fading more than the intended tone (visible on the back).

Price: $1195 (if bought as single), $995 if bought as part of the pair