768. a vital old Kurdish Persian tribal rug

Old Kurdish Persian long rug

768. Provenance: Kurdish, possibly NE as opposed to NW Persia

Age: Circa 1920

Size: 254 x 120 cm

Condition: Pretty good for high age. Some repairs needed to sides. Repairs will be included in published price.

Notes: An appealing Kurdish rug with an all-over repeat of a floral almost vase-like bouquet. The rug's appearance shares much in common with Baluchi tribal pieces (particularly in it's colouring), although the outer and inner (minor) borders resemble many Afshar tribals. This could indicate that this Kurdish piece is from the Khorrassan area of NE Persia. A very interesting and quite unusual piece. As with all true tribal rugs, it is an all wool construction - warp, weft and pile.



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