445. a phenomenal old Baluch Persian rug

Old Baluch Persian or Afghan tribal rug Tekke gul

445. Provenance: Baluch tribes, Northeast Persia, or possibly Western Afghanistan

Size: 210 x 120 cm

Age: Circa 1930

Condition: Good.

Notes: Utterly delightful natural colours in this glorious piece! The variation in tones of indigo, from luminous electric blue to dark navy, is captivating, as is the glow of the rich orange/red, and the natural abrush in the madder brown field. The Baluch tribal weavers may have long copied the famous designs of their Turkoman neighbours (in this case Tekke), but my, have they done it well. Despite the formal, somewhat regimented nature of Tekke designs, this rug breathes with life and vigour. Glossy hand-spun wool to match the colours. I love this one! (you probably got that!)

Price: $1095