406. An enchanting antique Tekab-Bijar rug

Antique Tekab-Bijar Persian Rug

406. Provenance: Tekab-Bijar, Kermanshah Province, Western Persia

Size: 260 x 120 cm

Age: Circa 1890

Condition: Overall low pile, though it would have always been clipped close.

Notes:  A wonderful rug with age-softened natural dyes and a fabulous design with a central medallion with arrowhead ends, in a Herati pattern field. Although woven by Afshari tribespeople in the vicinity of Bijar town, these rugs are every bit as fine in quality as the famed urban Bijar pieces, woven by the indiginous Kurds. The Tekab-Bijars have a less rigid structure and are thus often preferred to their urban counterparts. They use equally wonderful wool. Antique pieces such as this one tended to be clipped flat, unlike more modern pieces.

Price: $1195