434. a jubilant antique Malayer Persian rug

antique or near antique Malayer Persian rug

434. Provenance: Malayer, Western Persia

Size: 205 x 135 cm

Age: Circa 1920

Condition: Minor loss at one end, otherwise  very good for age.

Notes: Personally, I love these Malayers and see them as being very underpriced in the antique market. This particular piece has wonderful, joyful colours and a simple yet hightly effective design. The luminous indigo blue has been widely used and is extremely effective, bringing a real zing to the piece. Woven by a women with a real feel for design and colour. The almost crablike-flower main border, and the use of a natural indigo-saffron-mix green throughout, add to its charm.

Price: $975