567. a dramatic antique Karabagh Caucasian runner

Antique Karabagh Caucasian runner

567. Provenance: Karabagh, Southern Azerbaijan, The Caucasus

Size: 520 x 110 cm

Age: Circa 1910

Condition: Pretty good for age with just few areas of minor wear.

Notes: Firstly this runner is long, so it won't fit every space! Length aside it is a beauty - with six connected  hexagonal medallions, surrounded by a field full of tribal motifs, animals, and sytlized flowerheads and plants. The medallions also contain a wealth of motifs, including what seem to be a cross between the time-honoured 'botehs' (precursors to the famous 'Paisley' tear-drop design), and scorpion-like insects). The main border is attractive and full of near-geometric flowerheads, and is envlivened by its indigo-blue colour, which shows marked abrush (natural variation in hue).