611. a jaunty tribal Qashqa'i Persian rug

Qashqa'i Tribal Persian Rug

611. Provenance: Qashqa'i Confederacy of tribes, Fars Province, southern Persia/Iran

Size: 296 x 140 cm

Age: Circa 1950

Condition: Very good with high glossy pile.

Notes: A spunky and joyful design with a central elongated medallion, itself containing a variety of tribal motifs. Flowerheads, star-forms, mini-botehs (precursor of the famous Paisley 'teardrop'), and human forms fill the main field. Strong, vivid indigo and deep red, with touches of whackier orange. Soft, glossy, handspun wool add to the desirability of this gem (it begs to be felt underfoot!).


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