608. a flourishing old Bakhtiari Persian carpet

Old Bakhtiari Persian tribal or village carpet

608. Provenance: Bakhtiari tribes, southern Persia/Iran

Size: 310 x 215 cm

Age: Circa 1940

Condition: Good.

Notes: A winning design of garden scenes as seen through the palace windows - at least that's one interpretation of this classic Bakhtiari layout. Whatever the truth, it is certain that these tribal nomadic or semi-nomadic people wandered (and often continue to wander) some of the harshest, most arid and mountainous environments in all of Persia. That they dreamt of well-watered, pampered palacial gardens is understandable. That their dreams can be your floor-covering reality is one of the better absurdities of life. Vegetable dyes and soft, handspun wool on a cotton foundation.


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