37. An exceptional Antique Seistan Baluch Main Carpet

Antique Seistan Baluch Main Carpet Afghan

37. Provenance: Seistan Baluch, South West Afhganistan (ref. MacDonald p173)

Age: Circa 1880

Size: 402 x 234cm

Condition: Excellent for its age. Two tiny repairs. Some shortening of the pile on the browns (normal in Baluchis using natural iron oxide dyes in the blacks/browns). The original kilim ends are in full, un-shortened condition which is rare.

Notes: The wool is lustrous and the carpet positively gleams in the light. Notes: Strong, vibrant natural dyes combine with a bold traditional tribal design in this huge carpet. One of the dyes may be a v. early synthetic dye called ‘fushine’ that was found to be fugitive and ceased to be used around 1880. This has however warmed to a gentle, softened pink/beige that is probably more appealling than the more vivid original pink/purple. The design is the ‘kalem doneh’ a variant of the ancient Persian ‘tree of life’ motif. I recently saw a similar piece go for £8000 ($12000) at a trade auction (which of course would go for a lot more in a specialist oriental rug shop).

Price: $6950