584. a noble antique Kizilayak large prayer-rug

Antique Kizilayak Afghan oversized prayer rug

584. Provenance: Kizilayak tribe, Ersari group of tribes, Northern Afghanistan

Size: 206 x 150 cm

Age: Circa 1900

Condition: Very good.

Notes: An antique and ornate Kizilayak oversized prayer-rug, knotted with handspun yarn and using natural dyestuffs. It is unsure exactly when or why this quite naturalistic design came into the Kizilayaks' inventory, but this piece almost certainly dates from the turn of the century. The drawing featurnes 11 minarets to the rear of the mosque (at the top of the rug) as well as an almost plan-like overview of the main mosque building and it's courtyard as well as the mosque's front wall and two minarets. A beautiful piece in soft glossy wool of the highest quality


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