503. a temperate old Baluch rug

Old Baluch Afghan or Persian Tekke design rug

503. Provenance: Baluch tribes, Western Afghanistan or possibly Northeastern Persia

Size: 290 x 160 cm

Age: Circa 1940

Condition: Excellent.

Notes: Lovely soft, glossy handspun wool and rich colouring mark this Baluch derivative piece. The Baluch borrow heavily from neighbouring weaving groups (Turkoman, Kurd etc.) and this rug very much emulates Tekke tribal rugs. The major guls are the standard Tekke ones, and just as in old Tekke rugs, they are connected by single thin lines. The minor guls in this case are not so minor - large, seemingly Yomut-inspired hooked cruciform/diamond shapes. The border makes interesting use of the Tekke 'chuval' gul. This piece displays marked abrush and a shift in tonality from one end to the other. This is done in the weaving process - perhaps these nomadic weavers ran out of the light green dye - and I believe it adds to the quirkiness and individual charm of the rug.


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