347. An enchanting old Bakhtiari tribal Rug

Persian Bakhtiari Tribal Old Rug

347. Provenance: Bakhtiari tribal, Southern Persia

Size: 287 x 163 cm

Age: Circa 1930

Condtion: Good.

Notes: Despite the floral nature of these rugs, they are fully tribal in origin. The Bakhtiari tribes live in some of Iran's most naturally hostile territory - high mountains with soaring Summer and plummeting Winter temperatures. The start aridity of much of Persia led to a deep love of any irrigated, highly cultivated gardens. Nowhere is this love more apparent than among the nomadic Bakhtiars who weave only garden designs. Even where the tribal execution (on horizontal, portable, wooden looms) is quite primitive, it features renditions of flowerheads and birds.



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