6. A unique antique Tribal Afshar Persian

Afshar Tribal Antique 19th Century Persian

06. Provenance: Afshar tribe, Fars Province (?), South/Central Persia

Size: 159 x 118cm

Age: Circa 1870

Condition: All over even wear. New selvedges.

Colours: All natural dyes. Beautiful pale eggshell blue.

Design: The turkic Afshar tribe are a semi-nomadic group principally located in the mountainous areas surrounding the modern northwestern region of Iranian Azerbaijan. Smaller groups are also located in the Kuchan area of Khorrassan Province and around the city of Kerman in central Iran. Afshar rugs are known for their striking and stylized floral geometric designs, their sophisticated tribal artistry and a characteristic palette of rust and various shades of indigo. This very old piece displays pure authentic tribal aesthetics:  birds, dragons (?), wild cats (?), vases. This is collector material despite condition.