286a. One of an awesome pair of antique Isphahans

Antique Persian Isphahan one of pair

286a. Provenance: Isphahan, Central Persia

Age: Circa 1920

Size: 202 x 141 cm

Condition: Good for age. Low, even pile. Minor loss at ends, professionally secured.

Notes: This is a beautiful rug from one of the most famous Persian cities, Isphahan. It shows a marked colour difference from the back to the front. It was dyed in part with the analine dye Fuchsine, which was a purplish pink colour and created in 1858. This dye found to fade rapidly and subsequent variations did the same. It's use continued well into the 20th century, though it was officially banned in Persia around 1900. I actually love the muted shades it has rendered on fading more than the intended tone (visible on the back).

Price: $1195 (if bought as single), $995 if bought as part of the pair