673. a bountiful old Kamseh or Qashqa'i saddle bag

Old or antique Qashqa'i or Kamseh khorjin or saddle bag

673. Provenance: Qashqa'i or Kamseh confederacy of tribes, southern Persia

Size: 56 x 59 cm

Age: Circa 1920

Condition: Very good, with original plainweave back. However this would have been joined to another such bag to be slung like a saddle over a beast of burden.

Notes: A realy sweet little tribal saddle bag with a wealth of pure tribal motifs, stylized flowerheads and animals. The presence of the chickens in the design suggest a Kamseh origin, though equally it could be Qashqa'i. Natural dyes, and soft hand-spun wool. True and pure tribal weaving.


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