818. a pleasant Gabbeh lori small rug

Small Iranian Gabbeh Lori rug

818. Provenance: Gabbeh/Luri, south & west Iran

Age: Circa 1980

Size: 90 x 57 cm

Condition: Excellent.

Notes:  "Gabbeh" comes from Farsi, meaning 'raw, natural, uncut', and the such rugs are amongst the coarsest in Iran. They have a limited number of decorative motifs, and often incdude animals. Bright, primary colours usually feature, as does abrush (natural variation in shades due to varying absorption qualities of different yarn batches). As with many such pieces naturla dyes have been used. They may be woven by the Luri (Lori), Qashqa'i or Backtiari tribes.


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