509. a venerable antique Kamseh tribal rug

Antique Kamseh tribal Persian rug

509. Provenance: Kamseh Confederacy of Tribes, Southern Persia

Size: 189 x 142 cm

Age: Circa 1890

Condition: Overall low pile, somewhat lower at one end. Losses to the ends. Generally pretty good for its great age.

Notes: Famous for the 'murghi' or chicken rugs, this is a less common design. The field contains repeats of oversized teardrop-shaped 'botehs', each containing a plethora of tribal motifs, including more mini-botehs. Sharing the field with the botehs are various animals including the well-loved chickens, but also two-headed, four-legged beasts. Intricate weaving, imaginative drawing and all-natural dyestuffs make this a collectable tribal work of woven art.

Price: $1595