294. An inviting Tribal Persian Runner

Old Persian Runner Tribal Baluch

294. Provenance: Tribal, possibly Baluch, Iran

Size: 286 x 119 cm

Condition: Very good.

Notes: An interesting rug - appears to be a Baluch, but the weave and construction seems to contradict that (cotton foundation?). Possibly Kurdish, but certainly from Iran somewhere. Soft colouring and glossy, hand-spun yarn. Incorporates Tekke Turkoman motifs in the main border, Baluch-type 'tree of life' main motifs in the field, as well as tribal animals. There is a variation in colouring across the length of the rug - the weavers may have moved location (being nomads) mid-construction, and struggled to re-create the exact-same dyes in the new 'pastures'.


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