614. a botanic antique Sarouk Persian carpet

Antique Sarouk Persian Carpet

614. Provenance: Sarouk, Arak area, northwest Persia

Size: 440 x 313 cm

Age: Circa 1910

Condition: Generally good for its age, though there is an area of heavier wear close to the central medallion.

Notes:  A really magnificent carpet displaying the grace and balance of drawing and weaving for which the best Persian carpets are justly famed. The scaling and smooth curvilinear execution of the many and varied flowers and tendrils is just wonderful, and the subtle use of a multitude of natural dyestuffs, in perfect harmony, is inspiring. Top of my pick of colours is the stunning eggshell-blue in the four corners as well as the very centrepiece. A very close second are the sparing but achingly-well placed touches of pale vegetable green. Forget the bits of wear - this is a palatial work of woven art.