784. a character-packed old Bakhtiari Persian carpet

Old Bakhtiari Persian Carpet

784. Provenance: Bakhtiari tribe, Central/south Persia

Size: 290 x 220 cm

Age: circa 1950

Condition: Very good.

Notes: As with many of these 'garden design' Baktiari tribal-inspired rugs, the dyes are excellent. The overall effect, although multicoloured, is harmonious and playful. This is a 'happy' rug of great exuberance. The weave is not fine, but then nor are they ever in these Bakhtiaris. An interesting and charming quirk is the eneven width of the borders at each end. Did they run out of wool, or dye, or simply patience?? This adds to the individuality and appeal of such village & tribal pieces, and is exactly what I love.

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