907. an engrossing antique Kurdish khorjin or saddle-bag

Antique Jaf Kurd khorjin or saddle bag

907. Provenance: Jaf Kurds, Kurdistan, Iraq/Persia border area

Size: 72 x 53 cm

Age: Circa 1880

Condition: Very good for age.

Notes: This 'lozenge' design is classically Kurdish, but it also features in many other, extremely old weavings. Indeed, weaving academics have traved the design back over 2500 years, in Luristan. Whatever the origins, it is certain that such weavings were untouched by commercial demands. The Kurds also use a unique weave - a single 'tufted' knot when tying their symmetrical knot (ie. giving the knot an extra twist). Pure tribal art.


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