851. an enigmatic Kurdish Bijar Persian rug

Old Kurdish Bijar Persian rug

851. Provenance: Kurdish Bijar, northwest Persia

Size: 207 x 140 cm

Age: circa 1930

Condition: Good, but note the uneveness of the design and weave - techncial flaws - but to my mind, part of its charm.

Notes: An unusual and endearing piece. Bijars are known as the 'iron men' of the Persian rug weaving world, but this piece has an uneveness of drawing and construction that is unusal. Perhaps it was woven by a relative beginner, or was a developmental project (mother teaching daughter?). At any rate the medallion is anything but central, sitting as it does far to far over to one side. Beyond that, the weaver has realised that she is running out of space/wool/dye, and starts cramming the drawing. I love such quirks - afterall it is such things that mark real tribal and village rugs from the nondescript furnishing rugs on offer in stores such as IKEA.