278. An unreproachable antique tribal Qashqa'i Rug

Antique Tribal Qashqa'i Persian Rug natural dyes hand-spun wool

278. Provenance: Confederacy of Qashqa'i Tribes, Fars Province, South West Persia

Size: 203 x 151cm

Age: Circa 1900

Condition: Fair for its age. Minor fold wear. Several rather crude repairs in field.Several areas of slight wear. One stiched tear. Otherwise good pile and intact ends and sides.

Notes: 'Qashqa'i' means 'fugitives' or 'those who fled' and these non-Persian tribes probably originated in Central Asia or Eastern Turkistan. The colours in this rug are strong and vivid natural dyes and the design is classic Qashqa'i - full of tribal motifs and quirky details, with a typical corner medallions. The green dye is unusual in these rugs. Despite the condition issues this is a really and collectable and beautiful rug.

Price: $1495