713. A charming Nain Persian carpet

Nain Persian Carpet

713. Provenance: Nain, Central Iran

Age: Circa 1980

Size: 295 x 200 cm

Condition: Excellent.

Notes: Nain, a small town, less than 100 miles east of Isphahan, lies in the calm of the Dasht-i-Kavir desert, on the old caravan route to India. The carpet industy here is relatively modern, but derives much of its design influence from Shah Abbas and the palaces of Isphahan. The rugs here have a reputation for excellence of weave and are sought out throughout the world.. This piece has colours typical of the town - diverse shades of indigo, ivory and light grey and it's design is also of type - finely drawn arabesques, palmettes, rosette and leaves, executed with utmost precision.