410. A beautiful old Jozan Persian Rug

Old Jozan (?) Persian Rug

410. Provenance: Jozan (or possibly Sarouk?), Central Persia

Size: 197 x 140 cm

Age: Circa 1930

Condition: Good, just with evenly low pile.

Notes: I'm not 100% sure of the origins of this Persian rug, but it is an absolute beauty. I've written 'Jozan', but it may well be from Northwest Persia. The incongruous outer border, containing small cruciform tribal motifs, seems totally (and charmingly) at odds with the sophisticated floral design in the field, spandrels and main border. It suggests it may have been woven by Kurdish weavers (Sarouk? Bidjar?). The colours are fantastic at any rate - especially the wonderful natural turquoise-green, but also the warm autumnal-brown field. A real gem of a rug.