529. a sweet antique Kamseh tribal rug

Antique Kamseh tribal Persian rug

529. Provenance: Khamseh Confederacy of Tribes, Southwest Persia

Size: 190 x 150 cm

Age: Circa 1900

Condition: Some areas of wear and foldwear. Slight losses at ends, which can be fully secured, and loose side-cords (which can be repaired).

Notes: Khamseh means 'five' in Arabic and this confederacy was formed in 1861 by the Persian Shah, perhaps to counter the influence of the powerful Qashqa'i turkik tribes. These five, the Arab, Nafar, Baharlu, Inalu, and Basseri were in fact a mixed bunch of Turks, Luri, and Arabs, but became known as Arabs. The rugs of these nomads bear many similarities with their neighbouring rivals, the Qashqa'i, though they tend to be somewhat darker. This design, the 'Morgh', bird, or chicken design, is one of the most popular, and this piece is charmingly naive. Woven on soft wool in natural dyes, on all-wool warps and wefts.