865. a serene old Sarouk Persian rug

Old to antique Sarouk northwest Persian rug

865. Provenance: Sarouk (Sarough), Markazi Province, northwest Persia

Size: 134 x 200 cm

Age: circa 1920

Condition: Low pile and patches of heavier wear.

Notes: Woven in the past 100 years in Sarouk, Arak and the surrounding countryside, these rugs have long been valued by officionados, particularly in America, where their gently flowing floral design was much-admired. Many received a post-weaving 'dye-job' stateside, where a stronger red was popular, but this is not such a piece. Known for their exceptional quality and ability to withstand decades of wear, Sarouks continue to be a best seller of the Persian rugs. They are made with a high quality, tough wool using a Persian knot. A tell tale sign of a Sarouk is usually its blue weft threads, salmon or tomato-red color mixed with ivory and blues, and a very traditional, floral style. A classic.


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