610. a muscular old Joshaghan Persian carpet

610. Provenance: Meimeh/Joshaghan, central Persia

Size: 310 x 213 cm

Age: Circa 1950

Condition: Good. Minor losses one end, fully and professionally secured, and a couple of areas of lower pile.

Notes: The old name of the village was Joshaghan-i Qali, meaning 'Joshaghan of the carpet', leaving little doubt as to the long history of weaving in the area. This design, with its all-over lattice of rhomboidal lozenges, each one of which is formed of tiny stylised cruciform flower heads and quatrefoils, is what Joshaghan is famous for today. Tightness of weave (Meihmeh rugs being more finely woven) varies greatly but even the most coarsely woven are charming peices, and extremely hard-wearing. Although these rugs are classified as 'geometric' they show the fine line - many of the elements are almost curvolinear. Beautiful dyes and drawing. Asymmetrically knotted on a cotton foundation.


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