566. a stylish Nahavand Persian rug

Nahavand or Nehavend Hamadan Persian Rug

566. Provenance: Nahavand (or Nehavend), Hamadan region, NW Persia

Size: 275 x 140 cm

Age: Circa 1980

Condition: Very good.

Notes: A super-heavy rug, with dense, deep pile. Rug-weaving folk act as an expression of their people as a whole, and their carpet styles are as characteristic as their dialects. In the Hamadan region one can trace small changes from village to village . In Nahavand they have a design of their own (though similar to Borujird) - a somewhat clumsy version of the American Saruq design, with highly stylized flowers. A noteworthy feature is the border, where a group of flowers break into the border from the field. This is unusual and highly indiosyncratic. Sparing use of white avoids a 'busy' look to this rug (which some Hamadans suffer from). A wonderful piece, and one which is very easy to live with and decorate with.