81. A glorious old Golden Afghan Carpet

Golden Afghan Taghan Ersari Tribe Afghanistan Carpet

81. Provenance: Taghan, Labidjar, Ersari tribe, Turkoman, Northern Afghanistan ref: Parsons p112 (79a)

Size: 262 x 327cm

Age: Circa 1940

Condition: Excellent

Design. A classic ‘elephant footprint’ or ‘gulli gul’ in the main field. Wide multiple border with ‘diamond chain’ and almond blossom’.

Colour: This would have originally been red, but has been chemically washed to give it a mellow 'golden' hue deemed more poplar in the West. It looks a bit orange outdoors (hence in the pic), but glows and shimmers indoors under warm bulb lighting. Materials: Glossy hand-spun wool on wool foundation.

Price: $1295